The Beauty of Vaginas

May 2

embarrassing bulge


My problem about my vagina is not because i have long lips or a large cunt. my issue is my bulge. apparently i have a “fat” pussy where if i stand sideways, you see it bulging out. i never noticed this till my ex would constantly tease and humiliate me during our relationship. i never had a problem with my vagina till him (who is the father of my child). My last ex made it a bit worse for me as well. no personally but he would talk about the girls he had sex with before me and mention how one girl’s lips were as big as “elephant ears” and until i saw this site, i had no idea what he was talking about because i had never seen any other vagina then my own or in a movie. So naturally i panicked something was wrong with me because why else would he be mention it to me right?

so here i sit at age 20, terrified to have sex during the day or with the light on, self concise to wear tights or leggings or a bathing suit for that matter. heck, i don’t even let a guy eat me out anymore. When i see the vagina’s on this site, i feel a bit better only, i don’t see any bulging vaginas so maybe i’m alone on that one. 

and no, i don’t have long lips but hardly any length of lip i have a reasonably nice vagina actually. it’s just the bulge I’m embarrassed about. Please tell me someone else is out there like me, that i’m not alone in this world. 

i’m pleased to tell you, you’re not alone at all. two of my really good friends have “bulging/fat” vaginas. There is nothing wrong with that. heck, i wish mine were fatter! You honestly think out of the millions of women you are the only one to have one? think again. you are all beautiful women <3

Okay, apparently most of my text reply thingie isn’t visible because of length, so I’ll post my full reply here instead:

Okay, first of all, don’t listen to the commenter who talked about liposuction. *Shakes head at commenter* The nerve of some people. You are LOVELY and BEAUTIFUL exactly as you are, so don’t change a thing!

Second of all, bulges are awesome! :D (As are non-bulges… Bodies are just awesome in general, yes/yes?) Mine’s always bulged out a bit. I don’t think it’s super noticeable, but from the side, oh yes, if one cared to look, one would see it. I used to think it was weird when I was younger but I got over that fairly quickly. Nowadays, I actually think it looks awesome! It took longer to get over being self-conscious of other aspects of my vulva, but after some time, I can now say that I love my vulva and vagina! So it’s very possible to learn to love aspects of yourself that you start out being self-conscious about. :) You should love yourself too, because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you.

I’m sure that many people would find your bulge enticing and sexy, too. And I’m really sorry that people in your past have made you so self-conscious, but you really shouldn’t listen to those idiots. You’re absolutely beautiful the way you are! ♥