The Beauty of Vaginas



- You must be of age 18+ to submit.
- For those unfamiliar with Tumblr and submissions — it should, of course, be a picture of your own vagina, and not a pic you found online but would like added to the blog. That’s not the point of submissions here.
- Feel free to include any comments, questions, thoughts, concerns, or the like with your picture submission! After all, most vulvas have some kind of story. :) (And no, I will never ever give any negative feedback, as I do hold the belief that all vaginas are beautiful, without exception.)
- Feel free to voice any other thoughts around the submission/posting — which name you’d like to go by if you’re not using your regular Tumblr/e-mail, whether or not you’d like to be anonymous, and various other wishes/concerns you might have. Just remember, I’m not a mind-reader, so if attaching text, please make it clear what’s meant for me only and what’s meant to go on the blog.
- Please do NOT submit pictures with toys, penises, cum shots, urinating, or otherwise clearly sexual material. Though this is a sex positive blog, it’s also pretty much a “vulvas only” blog, as the purpose of this blog is to display and promote the beauty of vaginas (and yes, by ‘vaginas’ I do of course mean vulvas). There are tons of other blogs that do accept pictures with toys, penises, cum shots, urinating, and otherwise clearly sexual content, but this is not one of those blogs.
- You may always submit as anonymous if you wish to do so, of course.
- Submissions may also be sent to, if that’s easier for you. Same guidelines apply for that too, of course.
- And finally, if you should wish to, you may always ask me to remove your picture from my blog at any time, and if asked, I will always remove it.